We have been getting a lot of asks about when we will be adding more admins to out blog. Well, I have finally decided that it is time for new admins on our blog.

I will be looking for TWOnew admins to be a part of our blog. These admins will have the responsibility of maintaining this blog. They will have to answer questions, make confessions, and research the Jackass crew if need be.

To become an admin on our blog, you must answer the questions below as well as send anexample of a confession you can make. It can be simple or it can be detailed, just show me a confession you can make. You can put down any confession you like, I am only judging them by how they look.

Here is what I want to here from you:

1) Tell me about yourself. What do you like? What are your hobbies?

2) How long have you been in the Jackass fandom? Are you knowledgeable about the Jackass guys?

3) How long have you followed our blog? How long have you used Tumblr? Do you know your way around Tumblr?

4) Why do you want to be an admin on our blog?

5) How will you make this blog better?

Answer those questions and tell me anything else you want me to know. SUBMIT ALL YOUR INFORMATION HERE IN OUR SUBMISSION BOX.

You will have until February 8th to submit your application. If I decide that date needs to be extended, I will extended it at a later time.

Thank you to all out followers and good luck to all of those who apply.

No confessions can be posted until new admins are added to our blog. Due to various computer issues I have had, I no longer have easy access to a laptop. The sooner people apply for positions as admins, the sooner confessions will be updated.

6 months ago with 7 notes

Chris Pontius is the most attractive man ever. Seriously though, the things I’d do to him.

6 months ago with 63 notes

I miss Ryan and I wish there was new content, although I get that they can’t film without him.

6 months ago with 50 notes

Steve-O’s outfit in sweatsuit cocktail in Jackass 3 made him look extremely attractive. Well just his overall look in that scene was fucking hot.

6 months ago with 74 notes

I think that people need to move on about Dunn’s death. It sucks but it’s not like any of you had a personal relationship with the guy or anything. “Poor Bam” right? Well he’s trying to get on with his life and move past it but it’s hard when fans keep shoving it in his face on every social media site he has. Like, get the fuck over it already! Stop acting like you’re all so depressed over it cause guess what? You didn’t know him and he didn’t personally help any of you!

6 months ago with 19 notes

I know that Bam has a Tumblr, and part of me hopes that one day, he stumbles across this blog and sees some of the confessions and stuff. Granted, he might not always like what he sees, but it would still be interesting to see that he liked and/or reblogged a few of these posts.

6 months ago with 29 notes

It scares me so much that if Johnny Knoxville and the guys didn’t help Steve-O, that he might not be here today.

6 months ago with 91 notes

I would love to play street soccer with Johnny.

6 months ago with 55 notes

 ”Dark Paradise” by Lana Del Ray makes me think of Bam and Ryan.

6 months ago with 45 notes

 The nut shots shown in 3.5 were all pretty funny. I wish that at least some of them made it into Jackass 3.

6 months ago with 25 notes
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