I’m so used to the guys doing stupid stuff, that I kinda forget that some of them are skateboarders too.

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Johnny is super adorable in The Ringer.

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I had a dream last night about Bam and Ryan. They were sitting on the roof of Bam’s house, laughing together after a bunch of their usual antics, Ryan did something to Bam’s car so Bam poured black paint on him and told him to go home. But then Ryan told Bam that he was worried for him and he wishes he wouldn’t act like such a dick. Anyways, it was nice to see them together again, even just in a dream.

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The chemistry of everyone in this movie makes me smile so big, and I don’t mean just the stars, I mean Lance Bangs, Jeff and all the other guys. It’s just heart warming, really.
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I hope Bam gets help soon. I don’t want to get online to hear the news that something happened to him, just like with Dunn. It’s too soon and it will be just as tragic because it could have been prevented.

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One of the many things that I loved about The Ringer was seeing Johnny dancing in a towel.

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Hello everyone. I know it’s been too long since I’ve last posted on here and I sincerely apologize (life happens and I lost the login for a LONG time). But I will be helping out on making confessions in the mean time since this blog deserves to be active and if it stops being active for awhile it’s just because I have no internet at the time. So thank you to the mods who have been working on this blog since my depart and thank you all for your semi-patience, keep confessing and I will try my best to make sure it all gets out.

- TankGirl101x

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Johnny’s hair is just perfect! I want to run my fingers through it.

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We have been getting a lot of asks about when we will be adding more admins to out blog. Well, I have finally decided that it is time for new admins on our blog.

I will be looking for TWOnew admins to be a part of our blog. These admins will have the responsibility of maintaining this blog. They will have to answer questions, make confessions, and research the Jackass crew if need be.

To become an admin on our blog, you must answer the questions below as well as send anexample of a confession you can make. It can be simple or it can be detailed, just show me a confession you can make. You can put down any confession you like, I am only judging them by how they look.

Here is what I want to here from you:

1) Tell me about yourself. What do you like? What are your hobbies?

2) How long have you been in the Jackass fandom? Are you knowledgeable about the Jackass guys?

3) How long have you followed our blog? How long have you used Tumblr? Do you know your way around Tumblr?

4) Why do you want to be an admin on our blog?

5) How will you make this blog better?

Answer those questions and tell me anything else you want me to know. SUBMIT ALL YOUR INFORMATION HERE IN OUR SUBMISSION BOX.

You will have until February 8th to submit your application. If I decide that date needs to be extended, I will extended it at a later time.

Thank you to all out followers and good luck to all of those who apply.

No confessions can be posted until new admins are added to our blog. Due to various computer issues I have had, I no longer have easy access to a laptop. The sooner people apply for positions as admins, the sooner confessions will be updated.

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Chris Pontius is the most attractive man ever. Seriously though, the things I’d do to him.

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